Pharmaceutical Revenues under Threat – The Impact of Expected Major Changes and New Regulations

Based on new regulations, increased costs of R & D, the expiration of dozens of patents, the lack of future ‘cash cows’, the new transparency rules and the value-based pricing, pharmaceutical companies need to brace themselves for very tough times: drugs will become more expensive, research might not come up with cures to treat currently ‘untreatable’ health-issues, and counterfeited drugs wil... »

¿Qué sabemos acerca de la migraña?

Aunque en muchas ocasiones suele utilizarse el término “Migraña” para describir genéricamente a cualquier tipo de dolor de cabeza, es importante conocer cuáles son las características específicas que hacen que dichos dolores se consideren realmente como una migraña. De acuerdo con la Organización Mundial de la Salud, la cefalea es uno de los trastornos más comunes del sistema nervioso en donde se ... »

Finasteride for hair loss

Under the treatment of finasteride, patients will generally get better or slightly better. Because finasteride inhibits the conversion of 5α reductase into dihydrotestosterone, prevents the atrophy of hair follicles, and fundamentally solves the problem of hair follicles, so generally finasteride is easy to see the effect. After using finasteride, the hair follicles may gradually thicken... »

How much do you know about active pharmaceutical ingredient?

What is an active ingredient? What is the difference between an active ingredient, an active pharmaceutical ingredient, and a bulk process intermediate? Active ingredients are the substances in drugs that are responsible for the beneficial health effects experienced by consumers. The active ingredient in a pharmaceutical drug is called an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). An example of an AP... »

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